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A new(sletter) journey

A new(sletter) journey
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I've decided to give the blog a revamp, and actually relaunch it as a newsletter. I'll be writing about software development and general technology things that interest me and that I think might interest you.

Why a newsletter? A few reasons. First, newsletters are cool these days. Much cooler than blogs. They also allow you to have a bit more control over how your content gets to people. Which pretty much means you aren't at the mercy of Zuck's algorithms or Elon's whims.

I also want to write more. I was thinking of topics to write about and I realised I've been in this game for a long time now, and have some good stories to tell. Having a newsletter, and eventually having people who I know are going to at least have what I've written end up in their inboxes, will (hopefully) encourage me to write more frequently.

From a professional point of view, I'd like to get better at technical (and non-technical) writing. As an engineering leader, a big part of my job is to explain technical things to people from all around the business. Practice makes perfect, so thank you, guinea pigs!

And of course, there's a dream that one day I might feel like I can become a thought leader that can charge for my most premium thoughts. That day is a long way off, if it ever comes at all.

Everything that used to be on my blog is still here, including when it was less focussed and whatever came from my mind. I might still write like that from time to time.

So, if this sounds like something you might vaguely want to read, please subscribe!