Brazilian money’s similar to euro money

Hello. I found a 5 entavos coin from Brasil in my change today. As you can see, it’s very similar to a 5 euro cent coin. Almost the same size, and even the 5 looks like it’s in almost the same font. It’s got diagonal lines too. One cool thing is that it has the Southern Cross on it. That is all.

Check out my photos

I gave up waiting for Zooomr to come back online and have put some of my photos up on Flickr. I found out that using “sets” lets me organise the photos in the correct order. I spent a while geotagging my photos. That means putting the photos on a map, basically. Still not 100% sure that Flickr’s what I want (especially seeing that you can only create three sets if you don’t pay).

Blogger and Google. And my search for a photo sharing site.

So, I created this blog yesterday. Already if you search for “arunblog le” in Google it comes up with this site. Google must have very tightly integrated Blogger with their indexing. I have added a keywords meta tag to try and get a search for ArunStephens to yield the blog as a result. At the moment my main web site (with less content than this one) comes up trumps, which is fine (preferable, even) but it would be good if this could come up too.

Blogger. Not bad!

Hello again So, I created this blog this morning at school. I have been playing around with it this afternoon and have come to the conclusion that Blogger‘s not bad at all. The reason I originally decided against using Blogger or something similar was that I wanted a way to restrict access to certain articles to certain people. The same thing with photos. For photos it was more important actually, because I didn’t (and still don’t) want photos of me available for the world to see.

Nouvelle Star: My audition

So, a couple of weeks ago Nouvelle Star, the French version of Pop Idol, started on M6 with the auditions in Marseille, which I attended. Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough or bad enough to make it to TV but I am available online: Casting Marseille - Candidat 7458 - nouvellestar Casting Marseille – Candidat 7458 – nouvellestarThe song was Johnny Hallyday‘s 2006 hit “La loi du silence“. Well, it was supposed to be.

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