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Ad(non-)Sense, photos and other stuff

So I have had AdSense running on this site for a few days. Whenever I look at it, the ad is usually India-related. Which is quite strange because my Indian name is only mentioned on there once.

The Zooomr guys rolled back to the version that was up last week (before I had heard of it). It just looks like a busier version of Flickr. I think I made the right decision. I got a Pro account at Flickr today. I haven’t really done much with it but now I can upload to my heart’s content. And create more than just three “sets”.

And in the Nouvelle Star front, it turns out you can get the video of my on your cellphone somehow. One of my students today showed me his phone, with me on it singing. Wonder if he can use it as his ringtone?! They have all been voting for me and writing comments, some of which I can’t understand because they use a lot of slang and abbreviations that I have no idea about.

That’s all for today.