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Blogger. Not bad!

Hello again

So, I created this blog this morning at school. I have been playing around with it this afternoon and have come to the conclusion that Blogger‘s not bad at all.

The reason I originally decided against using Blogger or something similar was that I wanted a way to restrict access to certain articles to certain people. The same thing with photos. For photos it was more important actually, because I didn’t (and still don’t) want photos of me available for the world to see. But it’s not worth the trouble.

I’m trying to find a decent place to put my photos. I have just signed up for Photobucket but it doesn’t let you restrict access to photos. Does anyone know of a good one that would let me create groups of people and let particular groups access photos? Or that lets you create albums and only let certain users look at the album? Photobucket doesn’t do that yet, but says it will be eventually.