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Happy New Year!

(This was written on the old blog engine and I’ve copied it over to here for the sake of completeness.)

I have finally gotten around to getting the blog part of this site to work a bit better. Now I can write blog entries. I couldn’t actually do that before.

I had some technical problems getting this new bit up and running tonight, but luckily I figured out it wasn’t my fault – it was Microsoft’s. So now it is working. Though I doubt anybody in the world actually knew anything was wrong. For those that care, I am using Microsoft’s AJAX implementation for ASP.NET 2.0. It turns out (according to http://forums.asp.net/6/1498667/ShowThread.aspx) that when you deploy a web site by precompiling it (and therefore without any source code being deployed), AJAX breaks. But that will be fixed in their production release.

Probably not the most inspired blog entry to start the year but I don’t care. I’m going to go and watch TV now.