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I’ve given up waiting

So, I’ve given up waiting for Zooomr, and have put a whole swag of photos up on Flickr. Flickr’s also got this neat little Flash thing that you can see on the right hand side of the page.

I guess that Flickr is just more mature than Zooomr. I have been reading the comments at the official Zooomr blog, and the backlash started last night. People were all “hey don’t worry, it’s free, take as long as you want, we don’t mind that it’s taking a little while longer than anticipated” but now it’s becoming more “this is terrible how can you be offline for 3 days”. People are coming up in defence of the two Zooomr guys, saying that it’s only two guys and an operation with more money can afford to do things differently (properly!?) but having said that, they are still providing a service and people will only be accepting of downtime for a little while. Even if it’s a free service, it shouldn’t really be offline for this long. I think.

I will revisit Zooomr when it’s up but unless it’s super good I’m not going to start moving my photos there. I may even consider buying a pro subscription to Flickr because it’s not that bad. (It would be good if they could have more than just two roles you can assign photos and users to (friends & family). It would also be nice if it handled time zones a bit better. Especially seeing you can geotag photos, it should be able to tell you the local time as well as GMT (which is what I am recording all my photos in).

That’s all on that for now.