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Journeyman didn't come last last night

According to the overnight ratings at Zap2it, Journeyman didn’t come in completely last place last night. CSI: Miami won the night, but Journeyman came in second for total number of viewers (but third for number of households, which is what they actually care about). So that’s some nice news. But not that encouraging.

The people at the Save Journeyman page have a new campaign to send Rice-A-Roni (I have no idea what that is) to NBC. Apparently this Rice-A-Roni (it sounds like a combination of rice and macaroni) is made in San Francisco, where the series is set.

It will be unfortunate if Journeyman is cancelled, but as long as it gets a decent ending (and it looks like it will) then it won’t be too bad.

UPDATE: Here’s another article about Journeyman‘s ratings for 26 November, from a different “Save Journeyman” blog.