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Nouvelle Star 1

(I wrote this in my hotel room on Word. It hasn’t been published before 14/03/07.)

Hello. I have chosen something pretty big to open my blog with. I am sitting in a hotel room in Marseille. At the moment, hundreds of wannabe French popstars are downstairs. It’s 5:22pm by the way. Quite late in the day. Why am I here in Marseille? Because it’s the auditions for Nouvelle Star! And what is Nouvelle Star, I hear many of you ask? It’s French Idol. I wanted to make an impact on French culture, and this is the way I’m going to do it.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:00am, I am supposed to turn up downstairs and sing my heart out. I’m supposed to bring ID and a photocopy and an ID photo and a normal photo. Of course I am stupid and forgot to bring any of those. Well, I do have ID. But no copy. And no photo. So I am going to go out in a few minutes and find a photocopier and a photo printing place. It’s 5:24. I’m not hopeful. Actually the hotel probably has a photocopier come to think of it. And possibly a business centre for printing. Anyway I am off to do that.