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Nouvelle Star 2

(I wrote this in my hotel room on Word. It hasn’t been published before 14/03/07.)

Right, I’ve got all that I needed to get done. In only 40 minutes too, that’s pretty good. Actually I didn’t have much to do, just get that photo printed (they have kiosks everywhere that do that – it took a while to find though) and I found a photocopier. So 0,40€ later, I have everything done. It was actually 0,50€ because the photo machine didn’t give change. I already had some ID photos so that was lucky. Otherwise the total would have been a whopping 4,50€!

I’m not sure whether I should order breakfast here in the morning. I guess I kind of have to. No other choice. Plus it comes with a paper. I can get it for 6:30 and then head downstairs. How exciting.

Right, now I’m going to try and find me some dinner. I do hope that I’ll be able to see a bit of Marseille tomorrow but I’m not counting on it. I don’t even know what time I’ll be able to get home. We’ll see.