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Some stats about Hang Five

Some stats about Hang Five

I thought I'd quickly share some stats about Hang Five.

We are now at game #100. It's actually our 101st game, because we started at 0!

In the past 100 days, over 2,900 people have played over 22,000 times!

People love it. 50% of yesterday's players played it 4 times or more in the past week. 23% of them have played 7 days in a row!

The easiest game so far was actually yesterday, #99 ("... and chips"), with 97.61% of people solved it. The hardest one was #19 ("Backstreet's Back, alright", back in August) when only 9.09% of people solved it.

In the past month, 24% of people have clicked the "Share" button to share with their friends.

And if you search for Hang Five, in New Zealand at least, we're the number 1 result on Google.

We're about to start our media blitz, both in New Zealand and overseas. If you're a journalist or influencer who might be interested in sharing Hang Five with your audience, please get in touch!