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My trip to Ronchamp

Back in February, I went to visit one of my friends who lived in Belfort, France. We went on a day trip with one of her friends to this small town (about half an hour away by train) called Ronchamp. It is the smallest French town I have even been in. And it’s famous for its Cathedral.

We weren’t sure how to get there. But there was a sign pointing up a road. We had no idea what it looked like. We had no idea how far up the road it was. It was up a hill, too. But we came to see the Cathedral, so we went up the road. We did come to a small abandoned church-like structure, and thought “is this it?” but a the odd car or tractor continued driving past us so we figured there must be more further on.

Anyway, we eventually got to the cathedral. It was very strange looking. Not church looking. It looked like somewhere that the Smurfs would live. But it was a church.

We stayed at the church, visited the gift shop, and took photos. And then went back down the road into town.

I bought the nicest pain au chocolat I had ever had. It was nice. I recommend it. Maybe I will go back there one day.

There was also a museum. I was interested in what it was, but I can’t remember. So perhaps it wasn’t that interesting after all. The others didn’t want to go.

We walked around the town, and then went back to the train station. Directly opposite the station was an Ed supermarket. I went there and bought some Kit Kats, I think. And maybe some of those “Monster Munch” chips. Maybe. I can’t quite remember. It doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t add to the story.

Then we came home.

The end.