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Announcing Zemobo3

This is for the more technically minded of you, because Zemobo3 is in a very very early stage.

There a quite a few web sites that I contribute content to. There’s my blog, Facebook and Flickr. I sometimes sell things on Trade Me. I’ve just started looking at Twitter. That’s a lot of places about me. Oh, I’m on Bebo and I have a MySpace too, but I hardly ever go there.

This is where Zemobo3 comes in. It’s a way for you to put all the information that you’ve put on the web at various sites in one place. Once Zemobo3 has gathered all that information, it can spit it back out to other sites. So your Facebook profile can also have your latest Flickr photos and blog posts. And your MySpace can have your Facebook photos and status updates.

There is a very ugly pre-release version at http://3.zemobo.com/. Please check it out and let me know what you think. My page is at http://3.zemobo.com/user.aspx?user=arun. If you see my page and can see through the ugliness of it all, I think you’ll get a fair idea of where this project is going. I think it’s a great idea and solves a problem that a lot of people online have (even if they didn’t notice it).

And sure, some might think there’s an identity theft risk, having all your information in one place, but even without Zemobo3, Google is an identity thief’s best friend.