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News update

As I just said, whenever I write about news, my visits spike. And often there is a corresponding increase in ad clicks. So I will write about some stuff in the news to see whether lots of people turn up here.

Paul Wolfowitz resigned from the World Bank. Apparently Tony Blair is up for the job, as is a New Zealander, whose name I cannot remember.

What else is in the news? Well, David Bain was released last week. That’s old news, and New Zealand only news, so perhaps people don’t care too much about that. He’s on bail, might I add. I have no idea whether he actually did it. I did read Joe Karam’s book, but it was a long time ago. The media, particularly TV3, seem to think he’s innocent. And there’s misinformation out there that the Privy Council thinks he didn’t do it. Appeal courts, usually, don’t decide on the facts. They just found that there was a miscarriage of justice in the lower courts. Not “just” as in a miscarriage of justice isn’t a big deal, but “just” as in they didn’t express an opinion on his guilt. (Not that I have read their opinion.)

Other things, internationally. Well, the US TV networks had the upfronts last week. That’s when they show off their new shows for next season to the advertisers. Upfronts is probably going to be a good visitor-grabber. People will be searching for that. Sadly, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was cancelled. Quite a good show. I think it’s back on NBC this week or next. Not sure about the day or time though. And Donald Trump just quit (before he was pushed) from the Apprentice. Apparently he has a bigger better TV show in the works.

David Hicks, the Australian al-Qaeda guy, who was in Guantanamo Bay for a long time, returned to Australia to serve the remainder of his sentence there.

Oh, and there was the first ever South African-only Super 14 final last week. Nobody cared about it here.

So that was a very useless news roundup but it’s only here for a test to see if people actually read it. Wolfowitz would be a big visitor-bringer too.