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I haven’t said anything useful for a while. And this is no different. I just noticed that when you type Ctrl+Shift+Q in Word 2007, it changes the selection to use the Symbol font. I can’t really think of a reason that would be useful. How did I find this out? I was trying to do Ctrl+Shift+A to make a selection all caps but had the keyboard in the French layout (which has A and Q swapped around, among other things).

What else have I found out? Well, whenever I write a new post on here, I get a spike in traffic for a few days after. And by spike I mean people actually visit. Very cool. If I write about something in the news, more people come. So I think I will test that theory. But not in this post because it’s not 100% about the news. So I will write another. Goodbye. For now.