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Check out my photos

I gave up waiting for Zooomr to come back online and have put some of my photos up on Flickr. I found out that using “sets” lets me organise the photos in the correct order. I spent a while geotagging my photos. That means putting the photos on a map, basically. Still not 100% sure that Flickr’s what I want (especially seeing that you can only create three sets if you don’t pay).

I found a tool that looks like it will be able to synchronise that information back to the original files on my computer, which will be very useful.

One of the problems I encountered though was that when I searched for locations on the map (which uses Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! owning Flickr now) they sometimes didn’t show up. But if I used Google Maps, there was no problem. My understanding is that Zooomr’s geotagging is based on Google Maps, so that is good.

Just have to wait until they get Zooomr back up and running.