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Looking for work on the Internet

It’s obviously a slow news day again, because the Herald has written an article about being careful when posting things on social networking sites if you’re searching for work. I’ve seen articles like this before. It’s common sense, really. Don’t put anything online that you don’t want others to see. Even if it’s in an ostensibly private area of one of those sites, it’s still on someone else’s computer, and there’s still a risk that it could get out.

It’s documented on the Facebook article in Wikipedia (so it must be true) that people in American universities (is there a difference between a university and a college over there?) have been disciplined because of antics that were posted on their Facebook pages.

I’m only writing this entry as a bit a shout out to any prospective employers who have done a search for me on Google. I’m assuming that this is one of the regular steps when vetting new recruits these days, especially in the IT industry. But, strangely, I haven’t been receiving any hits recently through searches for “arun stephens”. So, either I’m wrong, and Googling potential employees isn’t an essential step these days, or nobody is looking at my CV!

That’s all for now.