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Observations at Auckland Airport

Hello. I am at the airport. I am actually on the last flight out of Auckland tonight, to Singapore. What have I observed? Well, British people tend to look at other travellers’ passports and then strike up conversations with fellow countrymen. They don’t just talk to random New Zealanders. You kind of expect that sort of fellowship amongst New Zealanders travelling, because there are so few of us.

What else have I observed? Airlines are now pretty strict when it comes to luggage allowances, including the weight of cabin baggage. Which is a pity when you’ve put all the high density stuff in your cabin bag which fits the dimensions. That’s one thing that’s good about easyJet – there’s no weight limit for cabin baggage.

I tried to call Vodafone because I got a bill for next month but I had already cancelled the account. But they said call back tomorrow at 8. Tomorrow at 8 I will be on a plane somewhere between Auckland and Singapore. So that is a pain.

What else? Internet is very expensive here. But I am just using up the data allowance on my phone connection (that hasn’t been cancelled).

I haven’t yet found a power point to recharge my computer with. I haven’t actually been looking very hard though.

Everything is closing now. The bars, the BK, the Whitcoulls. And I will too. I will go and watch TV or something. Bye.