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Political bandwagon

Soon the media won’t be able take the piss out of politicians. That’s a bit of a broad statement but that’s what they’re saying.

Currently media can’t take video or photos of everything in Parliament. Only when someone is standing to talk. Well, if Parliament is open to anyone, and anyone visiting the public gallery would be able to see the goings on, then surely all the goings on of Parliament should be allowed to be broadcast to those who can’t make it to Wellington?

Public policy and the common law seem to suggest that if you’re in the public eye, you have less of a right to privacy. I can’t remember everything from privacy law, not even the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Hosking case, but surely MPs are more in the public eye and because they represent the people, the people have more of a right to see them in their element?

That is all. Nobody reads this anyway. Not sure why I bother!