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Save Journeyman

Journeyman is a new show for NBC this year, airing Monday nights at 10:00, after Heroes. It’s about, Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd, Rome), a reporter for the San Francisco Register, who seems to suffer from regular headaches. Now, that doesn’t sound like an interesting story, except unlike most headaches, Dan’s headaches are accompanied by time travel. It’s kind of like *Quantum Leap *for the 21st century, except Dan doesn’t take the place of someone from the past. And there’s no Sam (although there is his ex-girlfriend, Livia, also a time traveller, who helps him out from time to time, much to the initial chagrin of Dan’s present-day wife).

In each episode, Dan tracks the life of someone, and attempts to put things right. He’s still learning the rules of time travel, and in the latest episode he learnt the hard way how changing history can affect the present.

Dan’s wife, Katie, knows about the time travel (Dan proved it by burying her engagement ring he was getting fixed under the deck of their house in a locked box with the newspaper from before they met), and, until Dan changed history, his brother Jack, a cop, was also beginning to believe him.

But I am writing this not to give you a rundown of the show, but to encourage you in America to watch it! Because otherwise it might be cancelled. It’s doing pretty poorly in the ratings. It does have decent lead-in with Heroes, but this second season of Heroes is nowhere near as good as the first. It’s only up against *CSI: Miami *on CBS and, it turns out, a new(ish) show I’ve never heard of, October Road, on ABC (up till last week it was against The Bachelor, which I didn’t know they were still making!)

Please watch Journeyman! (Especially if you have a Nielsen box!)

UPDATE: Apparently there’s a bit of a campaign to save Journeyman: See http://savejourneyman.funurl.com/ and http://save-journeyman.blogspot.com/ for more details.