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Stuff that nobody else seems to have noticed about TV

Two things that I noticed and searched on the web for to see if anyone else noticed (and found nothing). Spoilers to follow for those who aren’t up to date with the U.S. airings.

Prison Break S03E01 (season 3, episode 1)

In the scene where Lincoln Burrows goes into a hotel to meet who he thought was Sara (after he is told by the maitre d’ about the dress code) there is some music playing in the background. To the untrained ear it’s just some random incidental music. To the trainer ear, it’s the instrumental version of the French theme song to Prison Break, “Pas le temps” (par Faf Larage).

Moonlight S01E05 (season 1, episode 5)

Mick St John’s friend, Josef, had a whole lot of computer screens in his apartment that one of his geek friends was using to try and track down a victim’s clients. They doing a whole lot of unnecessary techno mumbo jumbo. Scrolling along the screens was a whole lot of VB6 code. It looks like it was code for a media player or something.

Obviously I spend too much time in from of Visual Basic code to be able to recognise it flashing past at high speed!

And a bit of a general rant about TV

Why is it that on TV shows, whenever they are performing searches (particularly when searching through newspaper archives, fingerprints and facial recognition) that the screen always flashed through all the data it’s searching. Especially in this day and age when most viewers have performed a search on a computer before.

The other inaccurate thing is when someone presses redial or uses the phone book on a cellphone. Usually you hear the DTMF tones as if redial or speed dial was being pressed on a normal touchtone phone. Anyone who’s used a cellphone knows that it doesn’t work like that. You usually don’t hear the disconnected tone either when the other party hangs up, and if you do, it’s only for a short period until your phone hangs up.