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Tab bar and navigation bar on iPhone

Today I am starting to write my first iPhone application. I have finally finished reading Neal Goldstein‘s book iPhone Application Development for Dummies. (I’m not going to buy another Dummies book in a hurry though: the book could have been about 30% smaller if it weren’t for the bad jokes, but I guess that’s the style of the series!) The book gave me a pretty good understanding of the basics required for iPhone development, and it was a good primer for Objective-C as well.

But I found this screencast by Elisabeth Robson at O’Reilly on how to create an application that has both a tab bar at the bottom of the screen and a navigation bar at the top. I don’t usually like screencasts because they take up too much time. But I am glad I spent 30 minutes watching this one. It was so clearly explained!

Now I can get to work building my first iPhone application (that contains a tab bar and a nav bar!)