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What's up with Journeyman?

I seem to be getting a few hits about Journeyman (the show that is under threat of cancellation!) so I thought I’d write a bit more.

The people over at savejourneyman.net and the other Save Journeyman sites have decided upon sending Rice-A-Roni to the NBC offices. Originally it was going to be aspirin, because Dan gets headaches before he goes back in time, but they realised that charities wouldn’t be likely to accept a whole bunch of medicine. Instead they stuck to foodstuffs. Rice-A-Roni, originally from San Francisco, is known as “The San Francisco Treat”. (This is all new to me!)

Last week a new episode of Life aired in Journeyman‘s regular time slot. I think it rated slightly better than Journeyman has in the past few weeks, but not by much. It was also helped by CSI: Miami repeats being shown on CBS and I can’t remember what was on ABC. I also don’t know how heavily the timeslot change was promoted. Fans of Life would have followed it to Monday if they knew about it, but people who had never watched Journeyman aren’t likely to want to watch it if they didn’t know about.

Tonight it airs at its regular timeslot, after two hours of Deal or No Deal. I’m not sure whether that’s popular over there in the States. And if it, are Deal or No Deal viewers likely to stick around to watch a pretty much sci-fi show, at 10PM? I doubt it.

I think, unfortunately, that unless NBC moves it to a different timeslot, Journeyman‘s days are numbered.